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2014 was a significant year for healthcare in Malaysia with the rise of pharmaceutical exports, the completion of major initiatives to develop the aged care industry, five new projects awarded EPP status and more pharmaceutical MNCs planning to localise manufacturing of some of their products with the local manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical exports recorded a nine per cent growth, surpassing the targeted five per cent growth for 2014.

The total value of Malaysian pharmaceutical exports amounted to RM611 million against RM561 million for the year 2013.

A Note From the Minister

I would like to see more coordination between the agencies involved, namely MoH, MITI, MIDA and PEMANDU. By leveraging one another and working synergistically, I believe we can all contribute to further growth of healthcare in Malaysia.

EPP Highlights
EPP 3: Malaysian Pharmaceuticals

Income generated from pharmaceutical exports recorded nine per cent growth during the year, surpassing the five per cent growth target.

Among the lessons learnt in boosting pharmaceutical sales and manufacturing is how the time taken to register a product has helped this sector. With improved coordination efforts, the registration period was cut from 18 months to 60 working days for all EPP companies. This has encouraged more manufacturers to introduce new products and boost local manufacturing activities.

This shows that the industry is growing as envisioned, though more needs to be done to ensure development of new molecules and penetration to new markets. Strong support from the various Government agencies is one of the keys for the success of this EPP.

EPP 9: Become the Hub for High-value Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing

Malaysia will be the sole manufacturer for Smith & Nephew’s severe burns wound dressing when Steripack Asia begins operations here in 2015. A new EPP, Steripack aims to penetrate a new segment of hybrid manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products in Malaysia.

The company will move its contract manufacturing base from US to Malaysia to take advantage of its unique hybrid manufacturing facility which caters for both medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The construction of Steripack’s facility to produce specialised severe burns wound dressing in Malaysia is underway.

EPP 13: Build Medical Hardware and Furniture Cluster - LKL

LKL has secured projects and sizeable orders to equip hospitals and medical facilities in Malaysia and abroad with high-quality medical furniture. Apart from ongoing projects, LKL also secured a number of projects for next year, such as Gleneagles Sabah and Johor, UITM Puncak Alam, and Thomson Medical Centre Pte Ltd.

  • 3
    Malaysian Pharmaceuticals
  • 9
    Become the Hub for High-value Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing
  • 13
    Build Medical Hardware and Furniture Cluster - LKL
KPI Achievement 2014
  • Method 1 105%
  • Method 2 96%
  • Method 3 71%
2015 Outlook
  1. The implementation of OTA is expected to result in more localisation of products with MNCs partnering with local manufacturers
  2. Pharmaceutical & medical device exports are expected to increase in 2015 with the inclusion of two pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturers – Biocon and Fresenius
Critical Target 2015
  1. The Aged Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act to be passed in Parliament and the regulations to be ready by 2015
  2. Eden-on-the-Park – nursing component to be ready to provide services by April 2015
  3. Pharmaceutical export to increase by 10% from 2014 achievement
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