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Minister's Scorecard

The Government believes that the scale of transformation that Malaysia is trying to achieve requires a thoroughgoing framework of accountability that begins from the very top, down to the grassroots.

Cabinet Ministers, as the executive heads of Government, are therefore similarly held accountable for the ability of their respective Ministries to deliver transformational initiatives.

The Minister’s Scorecard has improved over the years in tandem with the development of GTP, ETP and SRI

KPI Setting Framework and Process

Under the framework, KPIs under NKRAs and NKEAs are established based on the GTP and ETP roadmap whilst MKPIs are driven by the vision and mission of each respective Ministry but in line with the National Transformation Plan. This framework thus creates a quantifiable measure of Ministerial performance, which can be used to gauge the Minister’s performance in the final stage of the framework in determining rewards, consequences and actions.

The Prime Minster meets with the Ministers twice a year— once during the Mid-Year Review and the other during the Year-End Review—to review the performance of the Ministers.

KPI Setting Exercise: Clinic Session

The KPI setting exercise is crucial in ensuring that all initiatives are delivered and all objectives are met. Consistent with PEMANDU’s Big Fast Results (BFR) Methodology, the yearly KPI setting exercise takes place from October to December to set the right objectives and expectations for activities in the following year.

This exercise allows the Ministries to plan ahead for the delivery and measurement of the following year’s activities. It also serves to drive performance behaviour and functions as a yearly checkpoint for the Ministry to determine if all initiatives are progressing down the right track or whether they need to be changed.

Types of KPI

Ministers’ Scorecard Achievements

Ministers’ performance on their scorecards have generally improved steadily since the implementation of the GTP in 2009. After five years of implementation, the Ministers and their respective teams have become more open to the performance-driven nature of the KPIs and become more accustomed to the KPI setting process.

As a result, Ministers and their teams have started taking greater ownership in implementing change and a more active role in identifying projects designed to improve their service delivery.

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