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Agreed-Upon Procedures by PWC

Extensive rigour has been put into confirming the collection of data, tabulations of statistics, and that results are accurate.

To this end, PEMANDU engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia (PwC), an independent professional services firm, to conduct a series of Agreed-Upon-Procedures – specific tests and procedures to review reported results for the KPIs and projects announced.

These Agreed-Upon- Procedures were applied to a sample taken from the key performance indicators of each NKEA, SRI as well as projects announced during the Progress Updates. The respective calculations were also checked against guidelines and formulae originally developed in the NKEA labs, and prescribed by PEMANDU.

Over the course of this exercise, PwC’s findings highlighted a number of exceptions in the samples selected, which were subsequently addressed and reflected in this Annual Report. PwC has confirmed that the results reported for the selected samples in the Annual Report have been validated according to the Agreed- Upon-Procedures. PwC also identified opportunities to improve processes and the quality of information. PEMANDU, together with the relevant Ministries and private sector stakeholders, will be taking positive prescriptive actions to realise these improvements over the next 12 months.
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