Public Service Delivery

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The Public Service Delivery SRI has sought to enhance the Government's effciency in business and public-related services and shift the country's civil servants towards a high-performance culture.

This is in line with recommendations from the New Economic Model (NEM), which were then used to develop a list of initiatives to achieve these fscal policy targets. These initiatives will be carried out through to 2015 and have been implemented since 2011.

Towards this end, this SRI identifed 11 initiatives:

A lean, ef´Čücient and facilitative Government

Public Service Delivery
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to expedite business licensing processes
  • Single online portal, integrating all business and general online services
  • Enhanced online licences approval system
  • Improved public service delivery through real-time performance monitoring and counter rating system
  • Establish 1Malaysia Contact Centre
  • Inspectorate & Compliance roles for effective public complaints resolution by Public Complaints Bureau (PCB)
  • Citizen-Centred Public Service

High performance Civil Service

Public Service Delivery
  • Joint Committee Public Service Delivery (PSD) & Public Service Commission (PSC) to institute platform for HR planning and specialist development of the commisioners of PSC by setting up search committee to select commisioners
  • Open recruitment from both private and public sector for top and mid-career level to increase talent pool
  • Portability of pension scheme (current and New Superannuation Scheme) to encourage mobility
  • Establish HRM Audit to ensure effective HR management practices
  • Other Components of Strategic HR System (Additional)