Wholesale and Retail

The Wholesale and Retail NKEA aims to catalyse the transformation of the wholesale and retail sector, enhancing its role in attracting domestic consumption, which contributes over 50 per cent to Malaysia’s GDP.

This NKEA made significant progress in 2012, and in some areas, surpassed targets set for the year. The transformation of sundry shops continues with great success with 568 TUKAR stores established, surpassing its initial target of 500 stores for the year. This brings the total number of stores converted to 1,087 so far. On average, TUKAR participants have reported a sustained 30 per cent increase in revenue post-transformation.

The Automotive Workshop Modernisation Project (ATOM) also surpassed its 2012 target, successfully transforming 110 workshops for the year. Since 2011, 165 workshops have been transformed under this project.

The first Makan Bazaar, located in the Mall of Medini has been operational since the middle of 2012. The 180,000 sq ft Bazaar features 18 F&B outlets and 6 kiosks, catering to over 1,000 patrons.

Meanwhile, EPP 3, Developing Pasar Komuniti, has since been transferred to the Agriculture NKEA for smoother execution due to the involvement of agriculture-based stakeholders.