In ensuring the rakyat has access to high quality, affordable healthcare, and to unleash new areas of growth within the industry, the Healthcare NKEA seeks to complement Malaysia’s existing range of healthcare services; while bridging the divide between public and private healthcare offerings.

In 2012, the NKEA recorded a number of significant developments, namely in the area of developing local pharmaceuticals for export. Another key highlight for the year was the Seniors’ Living (Aged Care) lab which took place in September 2012 to review the aged care sector. The lab sought ways to transform the sector into a recognised part of the healthcare industry, which will in turn see the development of an ecosystem for senior citizens in the high- and middleincome brackets. The outcomes of the lab were focused on three areas – Retirement Villages, Mobile Healthcare Services and Institutional care.

On another note, the medical devices industry is experiencing a healthy growth as there is strong uptake from the private sector.

As a result, the Medical Devices Business Opportunity was upgraded into seven EPPs in 2012, receiving investments from six private sector companies. To ensure the safety of devices marketed in Malaysia, the Medical Device Authority (MDA) was set up in August 2012 as a statutory body entrusted to enforce and implement the Medical Device Act 2012 (Act 737).