Communications Content and Infrastructure

As the platform designed to cement Malaysia’s position in the information age, the Communications Content and Infrastructure (CCI) NKEA represents among one of the most vibrant and dynamic undertakings by the Government to-date.

Highlights of this NKEA in 2012 showcase significant outcomes from strong public-private partnership. These include a RM1 billion revenue contribution from the creative content field, achieved through higher sales of film, television, animation and handicraft. This NKEA supported the animation War of the Worlds: Goliath – a Malaysian production that was named the Best 3D Animated Feature Film in Los Angeles. This is testament that Malaysia is able to offer quality content and hopefully, drive the dreams of young Malaysians for pursuing careers in this field.

In addition, SmarTag and the Royal Customs Department launched the Container Security and Trade Facilitation System RFID in 2012.

This system reduces processing time at each Custom checkpoint by 47 minutes per container, significantly increasing trade efficiency across Malaysia. Despite a delay in implementing the system, 64,629 transactions were processed in 2012 compared to the target of 66,000 transactions.