ETP Scorecard

The ETP Scorecard assesses the extent to which the planned Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) for each Entry Point Project achieved the desired outcome for the past year. The actual year-to-date results are presented in three scoring methodologies.

Measurement Methodology Key Performance Indicator

All three methods have been formulated to provide a pragmatic representation of the actual KPI numbers in percentages.

Method 1 provides a reflection of the actual KPI achievement. If a KPI surpasses its targets significantly, the final results will be presented as a large percentage, surpassing the 100 per cent limit.

Method 2 has been formulated to accommodate for KPI achievement with significant quantitative results. Under this method, any achievement above 100 per cent is capped.

Method 3 represents a simple reflection of the KPI achievement. KPI targets that were met or exceeded are graded 1, those achieving over half of their targets are graded 0.5, and those with less than half their targets are graded 0.

ETP Scorecard

The traffic light approach is outlined below:
Green – exceeded targets
Yellow – achieved 50 per cent or more
Red – underperformed

Where decimal points are concerned, the scorecard employs a rounding mechanism. In cases where the KPI results have a decimal point of 0.1 to 0.4 per cent, the final percentage value is rounded downwards. Where the results have a decimal point of 0.5 to 0.9 per cent, the final percentage value is rounded upwards.