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The ETP is commited to the highest standards of tranparency and accountability, and we have produced the Annual Report 2012 to document our successes and shortcomings.

PEMANDU ETP Full Annual Report 2012
Annual Report Launch Presentation Download Annual Report Launch Presentation6,814 kb
Front Cover Download Front Cover291 kb
Cover Inside Front Download Cover Inside Front55 kb
Opening Download Opening396 kb
ETP Milestones Download ETP Milestones462 kb
National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) Download National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)2,290 kb
Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley Download Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley837 kb
Oil, Gas and Energy Download Oil, Gas and Energy464 kb
Financial Services Download Financial Services434 kb
Wholesale and Retail Download Wholesale and Retail683 kb
Palm Oil and Rubber Download Palm Oil and Rubber700 kb
Tourism Download Tourism2,266 kb
Electrical and Electronics Download Electrical and Electronics604 kb
Business Services Download Business Services490 kb
Communications Content and Infrastructure Download Communications Content and Infrastructure595 kb
Education Download Education729 kb
Agriculture Download Agriculture1,010 kb
Healthcare Download Healthcare484 kb
Strategic Reform Initiatives (SRIs) Download Strategic Reform Initiatives (SRIs)528 kb
Competition, Standards and Liberalisation Download Competition, Standards and Liberalisation802 kb
Public Finance Reform Download Public Finance Reform301 kb
Public Service Delivery Download Public Service Delivery263 kb
Narrowing Disparity Download Narrowing Disparity245 kb
Reducing Government’s Role in Business Download Reducing Government’s Role in Business143 kb
Human Capital Development Download Human Capital Development876 kb
International Performance Review Download International Performance Review500 kb
Civel Stories Download Civel Stories559 kb
Cover Inside Back Download Cover Inside Back55 kb
Cover Back Download Cover Back101 kb