• Prime Minister's Foreword

    The ETP in itself is a subset of the New Economic Model. Together with the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), it forms a groundbreaking plan to propel Malaysia towards a developed nation status.

    Since the launch of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) two years ago, we have been making huge economic strides: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has been strong and stable, unemployment and inflation low, and investment, including what had been raised through the world's third largest Initial Public Offering last year, has been increasing.

    Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak - Prime Minister
    Yang Amat Berhormat
    Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Hj. Abdul Razak
    Prime Minister and Minister of Finance I
  • Review of the ETP 2012

    Just over two years since the launch of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) in October 2010, it is with great pleasure that we present to you its progress in 2012.

    • YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Bin Yakcop - Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department,
Economic Planning Unit
      YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Bin Yakcop Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
      Economic Planning Unit (EPU)
    • YB Senator Dato' Sri Idris Jala - Minister in Prime Minister's Department
      YB Senator Dato' Sri Idris Jala Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
      CEO, Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU)
    • EPPs Expanded To 152 and SRIs Are On Track

      EPPs expanded to 152 and SRIs are on track
    • 49 Per Cent GNI Growth Since 2009
      49 per cent GNI growth since 2009
    • Continued Robust GDP Growth
      Continued robust GDP growth
    • Highest Revenue In History Recorded In 2012
      Highest revenue in history recorded in 2012
    • The Strong Investment Story

      The strong investment story
    • Private Consumption On The Rise

      Private consumption on the rise
    • Robust Capital Market Development

      Robust capital market development
    • Consistent Reduction in Fiscal Deficit

      Consistent reduction in fiscal deficit
    • Endorsement from Credible Global Organisations

      Consistent reduction in fiscal deficit
  • NKEA Achievements 2012

    12 NKEAs or National Key Economic Areas focuses on areas where Malaysia has natural endowments to drive economic growth towards becoming a high income nation

  • Strategic Reform Initiatives

    Strategic Reform Initiatives (SRI) are policy measures that will increase Malaysia's global competitiveness. Learn more about each of the six policies below:

  • Civil Service In Action

    • Initially, the process may be challenging, but the implementation concept is very good. - Ibrahim Saleh (Ministry of Agriculture)
    • We have to work quicker, smarter, connect more, and see more of the bigger picture. - Dr. Harshita Aini Bt Haroon (Ministry of Higher Education)
    • Receive insourcing of services from abroad. - Dato’ Dr Haji Azmi Shapie (Ministry of Health)
    • Professionalism and expediency are key to effective implementation. - En Husni Salleh
    • The MRB has been mandated to implement and monitor all of the Rubber NKEA's four EPPs. - Datuk Dr Salmiah Ahmad (Malaysian Rubber Board)
    • If something is not working out as planned, we will coordinate new resolutions. - Dato’ Sri Dr Md Irwan Serigar Abdullah (Ministry of Finance)