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ETP Economic Transformation Programme

List of Entry Point Projects and Business Opportunities


EPPs: The beginning of an evolving journey towards becoming a high-income economy

The Economic Transformation Programme was launched with 131 Entry Point Projects (EPPs). The National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) are the engines of growth, while the Entry Point Projects are the spark plugs that will fire up these engines, to a new level of performance.

They are called Entry Point Projects because these projects kick start the programme and they are not finite. These are high impact projects, matched with specific ideas and actions, to spur the growth of the NKEAs. Some involve large infrastructure investments while others have a more direct effect on the output of their sectors and on the life of Malaysians. These are all focussed on actions and not mere concepts.

To-date, 18 Entry Point Projects have been launched with more to be announced. A majority of these are driven and led by the private sector. The role each EPP plays is clearly defined in the Economic Transformation Programme. For example, the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley NKEA has nine EPPs that together will ensure economic dynamism whilst being ranked amongst the most liveable cities by 2020.

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