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ETP Economic Transformation Programme

International Performance Review

The external perspective towards securing a rigorous process

Core to the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) has been that of consultation and collaboration, and this practice has been applied throughout the ETP’s existence. From its inception in the 1000-Person Workshop, to the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) Labs, the Open Days, Townhalls, Progress Updates and monthly Steering Committees, we have sought to ensure that relevant parties have the opportunity to contribute, and that we obtain an external perspective to ensure we remain grounded and reflective in our efforts.

Seven globally-respected experts were selected as panellists of the International Performance Review (IPR) to examine the scope, effort as well as results of the ETP and to provide an independent and unbiased external evaluation. These individuals were chosen for the diversity of their backgrounds, representing global institutions, national governments, non-government organisations and think tanks. Another pre-requisite was deep experience in their respective fields of study, as well as global exposure. Their international nature and seniority in their organisations ensured a robust discussion leading to a full critique of our first year results.

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