Wholesale & Retail

Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale and Retail

With over 60% of Malaysia's GDP contributed by domestic consumption, the Wholesale and Retail NKEA lays the foundation for the sector to boost the country's total GNI by RM156 billion and create 454,190 new jobs by 2020.

This NKEA currently lists 12 EPPs aimed at ensuring continued growth of this sector through three key areas – higher retail expenditure, urbanisation and population growth. Additionally, the private sector's role in this NKEA EPP's has been clustered around three themes, namely Modernise, Globalise and Revolutionise.

The Modernise EPPs address process and systems gaps which exist in traditional retail outlets and aim to transform small retailers into modern format stores. This will improve retailers' capabilities in information technology, customer service and stock management, among others.

The EPPs under the Globalise theme, meanwhile, involve exporting and products to help the maturing local retail sector seek opportunities abroad. This will be achieved by assisting Malaysian mall operators and developers expand in foreign markets, and establishing virtual selling platforms to increase the global exposure of local products.

Under the Revolutionise theme, these EPPs look to tap into concepts and strategies which Malaysian retailers have yet to explore. This includes removing import duties on luxury goods to increase affordability for locals and tourists.

In 2014, the NKEA will focus on helping retailers prepare for the influx of visitors during Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and look toward strengthening the country’s position as the fourth-best shopping destination in the world, as ranked by the Global Shopper Index Survey. The NKEA will also help retailers prepare for the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax in 2015.
List of EPPs
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    Wholesale & Retail
    NoEPPs2020 GNI (millions)JobsLocationStatus
    EPP 1
    Increasing the Number of Large Format Stores8,514.2068,574Nationwide 
    EPP 2
    Modernising via the Small Retailer Transformation Programme (TUKAR)5,57751,544Nationwide 
    EPP 4
    Transforming Automotive Workshops1,139.109,117Nationwide 
    EPP 5
    Developing Makan Bazaars226.54,205Johor 
    EPP 6
    Developing 1Malaysia Malls2,226.803,777International 
    EPP 7
    Virtual Mall8236,629Kuala Lumpur 
    EPP 8
    Facilitating Local Businesses to Acquire Stakes in Foreign Retail Businesses1,031415International 
    EPP 9
    Making Malaysia Duty-Free3,258.331,145Nationwide 
    EPP 10
    Setting Up Wellness Resorts2,674.921,545Kuala Lumpur 
    EPP 11
    Organising Unified Malaysia Sales1,776.914,312Nationwide 
    EPP 12
    Transforming KLIA into a Retail Hub958.27,716Selangor 
    EPP 13
    Big Box Boulevards1,222.509,609Nationwide 
    Business Opportunities

    Together with baseline growth, business opportunities in the Wholesale and Retail NKEA are expected to contribute RM45.2 billion to GNI, and create 226,000 additional jobs. This growth will be driven by three distinct economic drivers, with RM187.6 billion in private sector funding and investments required to capitalise on these business opportunities.

    The first economic driver is comprised of higher retail expenditure per capita due to increased GNI per household by 2020. Secondly, urbanisation from rural-to-urban migration is expected to create higher demand for goods and services, including higher value-added products. Thirdly, Malaysia's population growth is projected to result in demand for more goods and services.

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