EPP 9a: Developing Local Expertise and Better Regulating the Spa Industry

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EPP 9a: Developing Local Expertise and Better Regulating the Spa Industry

This EPP aims to develop the local spa industry by addressing issues such as the quality of spas and the shortage of skilled spa therapists.

In 2011, the National Spa Council was established to regulate and address issues pertaining to the spa industry. Comprising members from the industry as well as both public and private sectors, the Council has developed an official criteria rating for spas, which is now used by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The establishment of Centres of Excellence (COEs) to recruit and train locals to become spa therapists is another of this EPP’s main initiatives.

COEs have received continued support from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Ministry of Human Resources, which held roadshows nationwide to highlight opportunities in the industry and draw interest from candidates to become spa therapists.


  • In 2014, the five centres of excellence (CoEs)—Energy Academy, Stella-In Beauty Academy, Langkawi International Spa Academy, Jari Jari Academy and Beaubelle Academy—recruited a total of 250 local spa therapists for Malaysia.
  • Two additional CoEs—YTL International College of Hotel Management and Karisma Merdu—were approved by the Government in 2014. These CoEs will commence recruitment in 2015.
  • The number of rated spas increased from 196 in 2013 to 226 in 2014. Of the figure, 88 are 4- and 5- star rated spas.
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