EPP 4: Establishing Malaysia Mega Biodiversity Hub (MMBH)

  • GNI by 2020 (mil)
  • Projected jobs by 2020

By tapping on Malaysia’s unique biodiversity offerings, this EPP aims to increase tourism revenue by establishing the country as one of the world’s premium nature and eco-tourism destinations. This will require a comprehensive system to monitor and conserve the country’s natural attractions.

The Malaysia Mega Biodiversity Hub (MMBH) Interim Board was thus established in December 2010 to provide policy direction and decisions aimed at improving the standards of excellence in the management and preservation of key ecotourism sites. The Board also identifies and monitors eco sites, ensuring the sustainability of ecotourism development and activities.


  • Construction Development of the first Rainforest Discovery Centre at the Sepang Kecil mangrove forest by Sepang GoldCoast Sdn Bhd is underway. The Centre will serve as easily accessible visitor hubs for education and promotion of Malaysia's biodiversity network.
  • Visitor statistics to MMBH sites continues to be tracked and figures are on a positive uptrend, with overall visitor numbers amounting to 875,694 in 2014.
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