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EPP 8: Expediting Growth in Food and Health-Based Segment

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EPP 8.0 - Expediting Growth in Food and Health-Based Segment

Technological advancements in methods of manufacturing food has expanded the use of palm oil, in the food and health-based segment, which produces a variety of innovative health and beauty products.

A crucial focus to this EPP is the promotion and production of palm-based phytonutrient Tocotrienols that could further boost economic activity and increase employment within the sector.


  • In 2014, preliminary findings based on clinical trials in Malaysia and foreign medical universities and hospitals showed that tocotrienols can play a key role in preventing strokes, fighting fatty liver diseases and providing cardiovascular support.
  • Findings from a pilot study conducted in 2014 by a group of researchers, including Pramod Khosla from Wayne State University, showed that tocotrienols could potentially join other nutrients as tools to improve the lipid profiles in patients undergoing haemodialysis.
  • In 2014, MPOB awarded a RM8.06 million grant to Wayne State University to support clinical trials and explore the benefits of tocotrienols in patients with end-stage renal diseases.
  • MPOB also committed RM3.4 million in research grants to Ohio State University on the effect of tocotrienols consumption.
  • In 2014, FGV Lipid Venture Sdn Bhd committed to invest RM430.51 million to produce high-value phytonutrients in Sabah. Construction of the plant is expected to be completed by end-2016.
  • Sarawak Oil Palm Bhd also committed RM65 million in 2014 to build an integrated biodiesel and phytonutrient plant in Sarawak.

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