Oil, Gas and Energy

EPP 7: Taking Local Oil and Gas Services & Equipment Companies to the Global Stage

  • GNI by 2020 (mil)
  • Projected jobs by 2020

This EPP encourages local firms to export their expertise in oil and gas services and products to international markets, in a bid to limit dependence on local projects.


  • Through MPRC’s efforts, Kuala Lumpur was recognised as a World Energy City in August 2014 by the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP). Through this partnership, it is envisioned that Kuala Lumpur can leverage on WECP’s worldwide network of industry support services and resources and encourage greater investments in the O&G sector.
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Economic Transformation Programme
The ETP Transformation Story
The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is a comprehensive effort that will transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020.
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