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EPP 5: Unlocking Premium Gas Demand in Peninsular Malaysia

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EPP 5: Unlocking Premium Gas Demand in Peninsular Malaysia

Domestic gas demand has risen in Malaysia, in step with industrial development while production of the commodity has stalled since 2007. To counter the limited availability of gas, this EPP will import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from farther afield at market prices and address the more than 500 million standard cubic feet per day of additional latent gas demand by 2020.


  • Completion of PETRONAS Gas Bhd (PGB)’s LNG Regasification Terminal in Sungai Udang, Malacca fulfilled a two-pronged strategy of safeguarding security of domestic gas and anticipating future increases in demand by supplementing domestic supplies with imported LNG.
  • The Energy Commission commenced preparation of relevant regulatory framework to facilitate Third Party Access (TPA) with the goal of ensuring sufficient supply of natural gas in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah by encouraging petroleum companies to start supplying LNG into the Malaysian market at world prices.

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