EPP 7: Upscale Malaysia’s IVD Industry - Mediven & Olipro

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EPP 7: Upscale Malaysia’s In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Industry

In 2014, Olipro Biotechnology, a Bionexus status company that manufactures World Health Organisation-standard test kits in Malaysia also joined this EPP. The company is undertaking a project to manufacture its HIV 1/2 Rapid Test Kit which screens and detects HIV 1 & 2, and the Olipro BloodChek LF Kit that detects transfusion-transmissible infections during blood donations or screenings. The project is expected to contribute RM6.83 million in GNI, RM900,000 in investment and 38 new jobs.

  • Investment (mil)


  • Mediven continues to work with the respective authorities to ensure its medical devices comply with the necessary standards for the local and export markets.
  • Olipro is constructing a new manufacturing facility and in 2014, launched six new products. It has also expanded its market to Indonesia and Brunei.
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