The healthcare sector has seen robust growth over the past decade and this sector has one of the highest multipliers in the economy in Malaysia. Changing demographics, a more affluent society and more health-conscious lifestyles have led to the creation of a robust domestic industry. While the local industry has been dominated by the public healthcare sector, over the past decade, there has been tremendous growth of private healthcare services. 

As such, the Government aims to further grow this sector by encouraging more private investments in areas such as manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, clinical research, aged-care services and supporting collaborative efforts between public and private healthcare providers. 

Collectively, 40 healthcare projects announced under Healthcare NKEA are projected to create 26,966 jobs and generate an income of RM6.59 billion, as well as RM4.96 billion in new investments by 2020.

Medical Devices Entry Point Projects (EPP 7-EPP 14) 

The medical devices EPPs were formulated to drive the growth of Malaysia’s medical devices industry, which has reached a critical juncture due to its burgeoning size. These EPPs will leverage the country’s cost advantage, capabilities in the large electronics and electrical industry, strong intellectual property (IP) protection framework and accessibility throughout Asia to develop the medical devices industry further. 

Seniors Living Entry Point Projects (EPP 15-EPP 17)

Malaysia’s population is increasing steadily with age, as are the populations of other nations across the world. By 2020, 10% of the country’s population will be above the age of 60 and by 2030, the percentage of the people aged above 60 will increase to 15%. This demographic reality will undoubtedly have profound economic and social implications, as well as new healthcare concerns, leading to opportunities and challenges that are addressed by Seniors Living EPPs.

The three EPPs under Seniors Living are Mobile Healthcare Services (EPP 15), Institutionalised Aged Care (EPP 16) and Retirement Villages (EPP 17). 

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List of EPPs
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    NoEPPs2020 GNI (millions)JobsLocationStatus
    EPP 1
    Mandating Health Insurance for Foreign Workers171.3N/ANationwide 
    EPP 2
    Creating a Supportive Ecosystem to Grow Clinical Research578.4905Nationwide 
    EPP 3
    Malaysian Pharmaceuticals13,853.712,440Nationwide 
    EPP 4
    Reinvigorating Healthcare Travel4,294.45,295Nationwide 
    EPP 5
    Creating a Diagnostic Services Nexus355.9281Nationwide 
    EPP 6
    Developing a Health Metropolis - A World-Class Campus for Healthcare and Bioscience986.210,400Selangor 
    EPP 7
    Upscale Malaysia’s IVD Industry - Mediven & Olipro30.960Nationwide 
    EPP 8
    Build Malaysian Showcase on Next Generation of Core Single Use Device (SUD) Products50.8145Nationwide 
    EPP 9
    Become the Hub for High-Value Medical Devices Contract Manufacturing1,85025,700Nationwide 
    EPP 10
    Malaysian Clinical Device Champions - Sima Medical1,40011,600Nationwide 
    EPP 11
    Medical Equipment Supply Chain Orchestration - UWC Group of Companies1,0208,800Penang 
    EPP 12
    High-Value Medical Devices Manufacturing190800Nationwide 
    EPP 13
    Build Medical Hardware and Furniture Cluster - LKL3802,900Nationwide 
    EPP 14
    Renal Products - Fresenius, Lucenxia, Proligen343728 
    EPP 15
    Mobile Healthcare Services 211.91,800 
    EPP 16
    Institutional Aged Care831,139 
    EPP 17
    Retirement Villages1,1946,193 

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