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Intel sees Malaysia as a smart investment

Intel sees Malaysia as a smart investment

As the IT industry flourishes with developments in the smart devices sector, global computing technology firm Intel, which has been present in Malaysia for over 40 years, sees the country increasingly contributing to its production chain of high-value products.

“We’ve been here since 1972. We started as a manufacturing site, but over time that has evolved to development and design, and now increasingly offering IT services to other parts of the world.

“Malaysia is a critically important part of our business,” said Gregory Bryant, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Group and General Manager of Intel.

The country, in which the company operates five facilities in Penang and Kedah, recently played a major role in the production of its new Haswell processor, launched in June 2013.

The processors have been shipped worldwide and have already been taken up by computer manufacturers Asus, Acer and Dell, while Apple is also expected to utilise the new product.

Intel’s experience in Malaysia is also testimony to the country’s ability to offer skilled labour, with Christopher Kelly, General Manager of Intel Architecture Group Malaysia, Intel Microelectronics (M) Sdn Bhd, saying that its Malaysian manufacturing hub produces chips at global standards, employing workers mainly trained at local universities.

Meanwhile, Bryant said that the country offers further opportunities for Intel, which has already invested more than US$4 billion here in the past 40 years, especially in the development of the smart devices market.

“One of the biggest opportunities we’re really excited about is this explosion of smart devices on the Internet. We used to talk about connecting a billion people to the Internet – that’s happened. Now it’s about getting a trillion smart devices connected to the Internet.

“This provides great opportunities for Malaysians and Malaysian business to create and offer solutions and services for those smart devices on the Internet. That’s one of the industries we’re trying to build here in co-operation with the Government and local businesses,” said Bryant.

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