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EPP 5: Increasing the Number of Silicon Producers

  • GNI by 2020 (mil)
  • Projected jobs by 2020

EPP 5 targets to increase Malaysia’s silicon production from 6,000 to 170,000 tonnes by 2020. Its key thrust is to establish one multinational corporation and develop two domestic silicon players each year until 2020.


  • Tokuyama Corp's polycrystalline silicon plant in Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu, was commissioned in 2014 and operational in January 2015.
  • Elpion Silicon Sdn Bhd and Cosmos Petroleum & Mining Sdn Bhd, two companies developed through this EPP, are developing metallurgical silicon manufacturing in Banting and polysilicon manufacturing in Bintulu, respectively.
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The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is a comprehensive effort that will transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020.
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