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EPP 2: Developing Assembly and Testing Using Advanced Packaging Technology

  • GNI by 2020 (mil)
  • Projected jobs by 2020

Malaysia's large semiconductor assembly and test operations base make it an attractive hub for more advanced semiconductor packaging services, such as bumping and wafer-level packaging. With thriving domestic demand, this EPP targets foreign companies that provide such services to set up operations in Malaysia.

Companies are encouraged to focus on research and development in the event of delays in mainstream production investments due to the prevailing economic climate.


  • In 2014, SanDisk Corporation, a leading California-based flash memory storage manufacturer and Fortune 500 company established a new plant in Batu Kawan, Penang, which will produce flash memory solutions using imported wafers from Japan.
  • SanDisk will also establish an R&D centre for the development of advanced packaging and testing of NAND Flash memory ICs and solid-state drives (SSD).
  • Carsem Malaysia, a home-grown provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry, has moved up the value chain from manufacturing to providing solutions. In 2014, it introduced an ultra-small X3 MLP (Micro LeadFrame Package), which is the smallest MLP production package, following the upgrading of its technology and R&D activities in advanced semiconductor packaging and testing.
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