Electrical & Electronics

Electrical & Electronics

Electrical and Electronics

The Electrical and Electronics (E&E) NKEA is now in the second phase of implementation, known as E&E 2.0. This new phase has seen the clustering of existing and new EPPs into five clusters following a lab in 2012 which aimed to identify solutions to strengthen the implementation of original EPPs and capitalise on new opportunities which have emerged since 2010.

E&E 2.0 is targeted to revitalise the industry, accelerate higher yields and prepare the industry to respond to external shocks such as any decline in global demand. The five clusters are manufacturing services/design, advanced assembly, industrial/integrated electronics, advanced materials and wafer technology. The implementation of the clusters aim to move the industry away from manufacturing activities towards higher-value activities such as design, assembly, packaging and the provision of total solutions.

List of EPPs
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    Electrical & Electronics
    NoEPPs2020 GNI (millions)JobsLocationStatus
    EPP 1
    Execute a Smart Follower Strategy for Mature Technology Fabrication3,632.226,400 
    EPP 2
    Developing Assembly and Testing Using Advanced Packaging Technology1,124.261,300 
    EPP 3
    Developing Integrated Circuit Design Firms3,1712,000 
    EPP 4
    Supporting the Growth of Substrate Manufacturers and Related Industries2,248.523,200 
    EPP 5
    Increasing the Number of Silicon Producers1,44620,000 
    EPP 6
    Growing Wafer and Cell Producers3,29021,000 
    EPP 7
    Increasing Solar Module Producers3,29014,000 
    EPP 8
    Developing LED Front-End Operations2,6817,300 
    EPP 9
    Expanding LED Packaging and Equipment1,3853,700 
    EPP 10
    Creating Local Solid State Lighting Champions1,1202,800 
    EPP 11
    Building a Test and Measurement Hub1,3657,468 
    EPP 12
    Expanding Wireless Communications and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)1,8224,348 
    EPP 13
    Growing Automation Equipment Manufacturing1261,200 
    EPP 14
    Building Transmission and Distribution Companies351426 
    EPP 15
    Building an Electrical Home Appliance Manufacturing Hub and International Distribution Network1,07817,993 
    EPP 16
    Development of Balance of Systems for Solar Photovoltaics (PV)-- 
    EPP 17
    Grow the Embedded Systems Industry7,30022,500 
    EPP 18
    Enabling Electric Vehicle Component Manufacturing4,965.314,568 
    EPP 19
    Supporting Regional Rail MRO Services Via Electrical and Electronics Component Manufacturing592.1200 
    EPP 20
    Enabling Industries through Nanotechnology1,247.9798 
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