EPP 3: Scaling Up of International Schools

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EPP 3.0 - Scaling Up International Schools

As Malaysia grows into a developed nation, it also needs to increase the number of international schools to accommodate the education needs of the influx of expatriates and returning population. To-date, a total of 81 international schools are in operation nationwide, with the need for international schools will be expected to be concentrated in Greater Kuala Lumpur and growth corridors such as Iskandar Malaysia, located in the state of Johor.

This EPP aims to position Malaysia as a destination of choice for parents seeking foreign education for their children. At the same time, this EPP will allow Malaysia to benefit from the foreign exchange income earned from international school student spending.

The growth of international schools has been overwhelming. There are currently 81 international schools, with 29 new licenses approved in 2012. This has surpassed the Government’s target of 87 international schools in Malaysia by 2020.

The total enrolment, however, is 33,688 students, which is still below the target of 75,000 students by 2020. To close this gap, the Government has undertaken international promotional campaigns, such as roadshows, recruitment drives and exhibitions to raise awareness and interest. Target countries include South Korea, Indonesia, China, India and Singapore.


  • There are now 106 international schools in Malaysia, surpassing the Government's initial target of 87 schools by 2020.
  • 45,050 students are enrolled in international schools in Malaysia, of whom 25,014 are local and 20,036 are international students.

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