EPP 14: Building a Games Development Cluster

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EPP 14: Building a Games Development Centre

Led by KDU University College, the Games Development Cluster was created to aid Malaysia’s aspirations of becoming a leading game development centre in Asia.

The cluster brings together educational institutions, industry players, regulators, associations and the Government to develop talent in this sector, nurture high quality, creative and independent game developers and attract foreign game developers and investors.


  • In 2014, MyGameDev extended its school outreach activities beyond the Klang Valley for the first time, organising the Tabletop2014 Melaka Edition held at KDU University College. The School Counsellors Awareness Programme for Melaka secondary schools also took place, in collaboration with University Teknikal Melaka, where 21 secondary schools in Melaka took part in the programme.
  • MyGameDev also launched an early version of its Game Development Online portal, providing information for those interested in the Malaysian game development sector, such as game studios, universities and Government agencies.
  • The Animex International Festival for Animation and Computer Games (Southeast Asia) 2014 was held outside the UK for the first time at KDU University College. 414 participants from the industry, secondary schools and public and private higher education institutions attended the event.
  • The Malaysian (KL/Selangor) Game Jam, a collaborative effort between KDU, International Game Developers Association Malaysia and MyGameDev was also held in 2014, in conjunction with the Global Game Jam.
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