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EPP 11.0 - Launching EduCity@Iskandar

Iskandar Malaysia has been envisioned as the most developed region in southern Peninsular Malaysia, integrating living, entertainment and business into a vibrant metropolis. A key component to this is making EduCity@Iskandar a well-established education hub in the region by 2020, by attracting the establishment and investment of renowned education institutions.

This is also in support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning’s target of attracting 200,000 international students to Malaysia by 2020.

In addition to positioning Malaysia as a regional education hub, EduCity@Iskandar will also provide Malaysians with the opportunity to study at global institutions at a much lower cost. Several institutions have already commenced intake while new institutions continue to be sought.

The list of institutions in EduCity@Iskandar now includes:
  • Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed)
  • Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT)
  • Raffles University Iskandar
  • University of Southampton Malaysia (USMC)
  • Reading University Iskandar
  • Raffles American School
  • Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM)

  • EduCity has seen a 63% increase in student enrolment to 2,822 students in 2014 from 1,733 in 2013.
  • In 2014, MMU commenced its Cinematic Arts Programme in collaboration with the University of Southern California, enrolling 75 students.
  • To date, the University of Southampton at EduCity has enrolled 75 students. The campus will commence a MEng Aeronautics Programme in September 2015 and a foundation programme in April 2015.
  • A taskforce is currently being formed between EduCity and the institutions within EduCity to ensure that challenges that arise are addressed together. This will enhance partnerships for EduCity to grow into a premier education hub.
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