EPP 1: Scaling Up Early Private Childcare and Education Centres

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This EPP targets to increase enrolment in early childcare and education (ECCE) centres to the same level as developed nations. This will be achieved by increasing private sector participation in establishing pre-schools and ECCE centres and in providing early childhood education. It also builds on the momentum created by the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning (MEHL) and its private sector partners under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) to improve preschool enrolment (children 4+ and 5+ years of age) to 97% by 2020.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the private sector also play a role in this initiative by targeting childcare enrolment (0-4 years) of 25% in 2020.


  • 411 new private pre-schools and 586 new private childcare centres were established in 2014.
  • The National Pre-School Quality Standard was enhanced in 2014 by tailoring its scoring system to be relevant and balanced for both public and private pre-schools.
  • In 2014, the MoE and the Welfare and Community Department approved licences for Early Child Care and Education centres that offer childcare (children aged 0-4 years) and pre-school (4+ and 5+ years) services in the same premises and satisfy set requirements.
  • 421,863 students aged 4+ and 5+ were enrolled in private pre-schools in 2014, contributing 50.6% to the country's total pre-school enrolment.
  • 145,265 students aged 0-4 years were enrolled in private childcare centres, contributing to 72.7% of total childcare enrolment in the country, as of 5 December 2014.
  • In 2014, 41,109 children in private pre-schools benefited from RM36.78 million in fee assistance, while 1,103 children in private childcare centres received RM3.15 million in fee assistance.
  • 251 pre-school operators received RM4.23 million in launching grants from the Government in 2014.

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