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EPP 11: Track and Trace

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EPP 11.0 - Track and trace

The Swiftlet Nest tracking and traceability system project is operational.

However, due to the ban on swiftlet nest imports from Malaysia imposed by China, there was a limited amount of exports utilising the tracking mechanism.

Despite the lifting of the ban by China, the use of RFID in this industry is not compulsory. Hence the use of RFID for food traceability is no longer pursued actively by this EPP. The deployment of RFID within security and trade for effective and secure clearing process at domestic ports and selected high volume routes has been operationalised.


  • Both projects under this EPP, the security clearance process led by SMTrack Bhd, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and the MCMC, as well as the Swiftlet Nest tracking and traceability system, are now operational but are not mandatory practices in their respective industries.
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