Business Services

Business Services

Business Services

The Business Services NKEA plays a major role in nurturing innovation and broadening the country’s knowledge and skills base by expanding the country’s areas of specialisation into new, untapped sectors. As identified under this NKEA, these sectors comprise Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Services, Outsourcing in Business, IT and Knowledge Processing and Data Centres, Pure-play Engineering Design Services, Green Technology and Shipbuilding and Ship Repair.

Through six Entry Point Projects categorised under two key themes of accelerating the growth of differentiated sectors and developing future segments, this NKEA is projected to grow the Business Services sector’s contribution to GNI by fourfold to RM78.7 billion by 2020.

List of EPPs
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    Business Services
    NoEPPs2020 GNI (millions)JobsLocationStatus
    EPP 1
    Growing Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services13,350.520,720Selangor 
    EPP 2
    Building Globally Competitive Shared Services and Outsourcers6,863.843,330 
    EPP 3
    Positioning Malaysia as a World-class Data Centre Hub2,462.413,290Selangor 
    EPP 4
    Jump-starting a Vibrant Green Technology Industry7,236.347,590 
    EPP 5
    Nurturing Pure-Play Engineering Services3,495.211,550Perak, Selangor 
    EPP 6
    Developing Malaysia as a Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Hub3,140.12,010 
    EPP 7
    Making Malaysia the Hub for Aerospace OEMs in Southeast Asia1,103.53,368 
    Business Opportunities

    The Business Services NKEA has identified two business opportunities to help expand the areas of specialisation into new, untapped sectors in Malaysia. These business opportunities will focus on establishing more multi-disciplinary practice construction firms and enhancing the accounting sector.

    • BO 1 Multi-Disciplinary Practice Construction Firms
      In 2012, PEMANDU worked closely with HSS Engineering, a prominent multi-disciplinary practice (MDP) construction firm involved in the MRT project as an independent consultant. Although it will require time before other MDPs are established in Malaysia, there are endless opportunities in the construction industry for the establishment of such firms in the near future.
    • BO 2Accounting Sector
      Efforts are ongoing to increase the capability and credibility of human capital in the accounting sector. The Malaysian Institute of Accountants, together with the Competition, Standards and Liberalisation Strategic Reform Initiative, has implemented multi-pronged initiatives to enhance the standards of the accounting practice.

      Key initiatives include a review of the curriculum of local higher level institutions listed under Part 1 of the First Schedule of the Accountants Act 1967. This is the first time the Act has been reviewed since its introduction. The assessment is in line with market and regulatory changes in finance and accounting, and is aimed at enhancing the field’s human capital capabilities in line with global standards.
    Economic Transformation Programme
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    The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is a comprehensive effort that will transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020.
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