EPP 5: Cattle Integration in Oil Palm Estates

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EPP 5: Cattle Integration in Oil Palm Estates

This EPP, led by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), focuses on integrating and rearing an additional 300,000 heads of cattle in large oil palm plantations by 2020. The integration will be implemented by estate owners through a cattle breeding and rotational grazing programme, in compliance with Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP).

Two programmes were incorporated to support this effort: A feed programme to increase the supply of locally developed feed to address the rising cost of production; and a breeding programme through artificial insemination to fast-track the breeding of good quality cattle.

In 2012, DVS and PEMANDU identified the need to integrate cattle-rearing, representing the upstream segment of beef production, with the downstream, production segment. Following this, EPP Livestock: Full Value Chain was developed to incentivise downstream players to move upstream and vice versa through collaboration with players under EPP 12: Expansion of Cattle in Feedlots and EPP 16: Overseas Acquisition/Joint Venture of Cattle Farms.

For 2013, this EPP targets the integration of 17,300 more heads of cattle in palm oil plantations, with 5,400 cattle to undergo artificial insemination. The feed programme, meanwhile, is expected to increase production of complete feed to 35,500 MT.


  • Following the integration of EPP 12 and EPP 16 into EPP 5 Full Value Chain programme, another 2,380 head of cattle was provided to Felcra Bhd, Espek Livestock Sdn Bhd and Ihsan Permata, bringing the total cattle population under the Full Value Chain programme to 2,984. Collectively, cattle population that has been integrated in oil palm estates amounted to 9,061 as at end 2014.
  • In 2014, Aqil Berjaya Enterprise, Laka Temin Silaj Sdn Bhd and Felda Sahabat 35 (Felda Farm Products) achieved a calving rate of 93%, 48% and 49% respectively for the Brahman cattle breed, surpassing the national average of 45%.
  • One new company, Evergreen Livestock Sdn Bhd, was appointed to conduct artificial insemination services in western Sabah in 2014.

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