EPP 2: Edible Bird’s Nest Swiftlet Farming

  • GNI by 2020 (mil)
  • Projected jobs by 2020

EPP 2.0 - Edible Bird’s Nest Swiftlet Farming

Led by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), this EPP strives to increase upstream production of edible bird’s nests (EBN). This will be achieved by building an additional 2,000 new farms yearly and six collection centres while guiding the industry towards developing downstream, value-added products. Four anchor companies; Golden Silver Processing Sdn Bhd, PT Swift Marketing Sdn Bhd, Yanming Resources Sdn Bhd and Duta Sialin Biotechnology Sdn Bhd, have already committed investments to developing processing capacities for these products.

The EPP also intends to regulate the industry and improve traceability by registering EBN premises, incorporating traceability systems, enforcing Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) and Good Manufacturing Practices.


  • 145 tonnes of edible bird's nest products were exported in 2014, and 2,551 premises registered, bringing total premises registered since the start of the EPP to 7,046 premises.

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