EPP 14: Seed Industry Development

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EPP 14.0 - Seed Industry Development

Championed by the Ministry of Agriculture's (MoA) Industry Support Division, this EPP will review production methods of high-quality seeds and genetic material by using Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) technology.

The MAS technology was introduced by MARDI's Centre for Market Discovery and Validation (CMDV) in 2011 to help select seeds with desired traits, thus significantly reducing the number of breeding years and guesswork required to develop high-quality progeny.

A National Seed Council was established to oversee the development of the local seed industry and reduce Malaysia’s dependence on imported seeds and breeding material. Anchor companies will spearhead the growth of this industry by expanding production to cater for both domestic and export markets.

The CMDV will begin developing markers for selected commodities covering disease resistance in tilapia, drought tolerance in rice, papaya dieback resistance, bacterial heart rot resistance in pineapple, milk production in Sahiwal and Sahiwal-crossed cattle.

These markers will be available to the industry so that seeds with desired markers will be selected for planting or breeding. The MoA will also implement an incentive scheme to aid local seed players to further develop high-quality seeds locally.


  • Green World Genetics was appointed as this EPP's first anchor company in 2014. Since joining in July, the company has trained 50 outgrowers up till the end of the year.
  • Five collaboration agreements were signed by MARDI's Centre for Marker Discovery and Validation (CMDV) with industry players/Government agencies to develop and identify markers on products such as ikan haruan, coconut and freshwater prawns in 2014.
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