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TERAS Programme

Announcements - 16 November 2012
Narrowing Disparity (ND)

TERAS Programme
  • The TERAS programme, led by TERAJU aims to increase Bumiputera SMEs' participation in the Malaysian economy by enabling these SMEs to scale up, accelerate their growth and compete in the open market, without heavy reliance on Government contracts.

    Datuk Mohamad Salim Bin Fateh Din
    Managing Director, Nusa Gapurna Development Sdn Bhd

This is executed by identifying High Performing Bumiputera SMEs (HPBS) comprising the top 5 per cent of the overall Bumiputera SMEs, grooming them to thrive in the next five to ten years.


To date, 246 companies who fulfilled the required criteria were identified under this programme. Out of them, 15 companies have received approval for the TERAS fund with loans totalling RM190 million. 3 companies have received approval for a facilitation fund amounting to RM47.2 million for 3 projects worth RM385 million. Bumiputera SMEs are encouraged to apply to be a part of the TERAS programme through the TERAJU website.

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