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Alorie Lepa Lepa

Announcements - 16 November 2012

Alorie Lepa Lepa
  • Alorie Lepa Lepa is conceptualised to catalyse bold changes in transforming the area into a world-class destination, while introducing sustainable and responsible practices that will ensure this highest of marine biodiversity enclave brings maximum benefit to the local community.

    By participation in the ETP, we are subscribing to and supporting the Government's effort to introduce the corporate integrity principle in conducting our business.

    Mr. Orson Lo Ming Liong
    CEO, Jewel of Mabul Development Sdn Bhd
  • We believe the ETP is an ideal platform for us to reach out to all Malaysians and the people of the world. In showcasing our unique resort and what this remarkable area has to offer, we create awareness of the need to protect this area through the concept of sustainable development under the UN's Agenda 21.

    Mr. Orson Lo Ming Liong
    CEO, Jewel of Mabul Development Sdn Bhd

Alorie Lepa Lepa is an exclusive overwater resort on an 80-acre site at the southern tip of Mabul Island which is located in the Semporna Sipadan Mabul area off the coast of Sabah.

  • Investment by 2020 (billion)
  • GNI Impact by 2020 (million)
  • Jobs created by 2020

This internationally designed and managed resort developed by Jewel of Mabul Development Sdn Bhd, is set to be a model of sustainable development and a catalyst to propel the region's tourism industry.

Set in one of the best diving sites in the world, Alorie Lepa Lepa will house contemporary villas, worldclass facilities and amenities include an underwater restaurant, a free-standing wedding pavilion, a unique thalasso therapy spa concept and the first of its kind overwater marine conservation and research centre.

Alorie Lepa Lepa aims to help conserve the surrounding marine region and transform the mindset of the other resort operators and local fishermen in leading by example through educational programmes with the local community, as well as management's sustainable development and environmental conservation policies.

By providing employment opportunities and education to the local residents, the resort aims to catalyse responsible and sustainable tourism that will go toward protecting the integrity of this island and its marine biodiversity.

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