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SelecTV : Hospitality IPTV – Distribution of Malaysian Content

Announcements - 11 January 2011
Communications Content & Infrastructure / EPP 3.0

Communications Content  & Infrastructure
  • By hassle free adoption of IPTV technology, this will provide Malaysian Content an easy platform to be channelled to international hotels and guest.

    "The technology fuelled by a global leader in IPTV, SELECTV, showcases the capability of a proud Malaysian home bred company."

    Mr CS Goh

Hospitality IPTV focuses on the creation of an effective and sustainable platform to distribute Malaysian content to both local and international hotels implemented with SELECTV IPTV.

  • Investment by 2020 (million)
  • GNI Impact by 2020
  • Jobs created by 2020

The following capabilities can be delivered:

  • Immediate distribution to 20,000 hotel rooms in Malaysia, Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia.
  • Advanced In-Room entertainment and communication such as HDTV, Video on Demand, Voice and Video Communication
  • Interactive service delivery to meet traveler's service expectation such as room service, online shopping, ticket reservation, etc
  • Creation of additional Malaysian content channels for Hotels catering to international travelers
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