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Malaysia as a World-Class Data Centre Hub

Announcements - 11 January 2011
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  • Malaysia is well positioned to be a world-class-data-centre destination.

    "We have been attracting DC opportunities on an individual basis all this while, and the ETP will consolidate and drive all parties to grow the Malaysian DC Industry."

    Mr Yew Kim Keong
    Executive Director, MyTelehaus

Data centres (DCs) are specialised facilities that support the day-to-day operations of applications and data processing in many enterprises. EPP3 aims to develop Malaysia as a world-class data centre hub based on factors such as increasing foreign demand for DCs in Asia Pacific, the rising cost of doing business for current market leaders such as Hong Kong and Singapore and increased domestic demand for IT outsourcing.

To this end, the government is working together with several private companies, Mytelehaus, CSF Group and Teliti Datacentres to develop new and upgrade existing facilities to ensure sufficient DC floor space is available to cater to increased demand.

MyTelehaus Sdn. Bhd.
Floor Space Investment
Cyber1 Data Center (36,000sqft)
IDR2 Data Center (100,000sqft)
PJ3 Data Center (18,000sqft)
RM250 million

CSF Group
Floor Space Investment
CSF Computer Exchange 5 (201,000sqft) RM21.6 million

Teliti Datacentres
Floor Space Investment
Three Storey Tier III Data Centre (120,000sqft net lettable area) RM400 million

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