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Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation

Announcements - 11 January 2011
Oil, Gas and Energy / EPP 11.0

Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Nuclear Energy is a reliable, high quality and cost effective supply of energy.

    "It is fundamental to attracting new investments as well as encouraging existing industries to expand into high value added activities."

    Dr Mohd Zamzam bin Jaafar
    CEO, Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation

The government is studying the possibility of deploying nuclear energy to meet future demand and diversify the energy mix for Peninsular Malaysia.

To spearhead the initiative, the Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation has been formed to lead the planning based on the current development timeline of 11 to 12 years, from pre-project to commissioning. Dr Mohd Zamzam bin Jaafar has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of this newly established entity.

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